Veteran Hired through Job Vault

In May 2015, the Chamber unveiled The Veterans Job Vault program, created to connect veterans in the greater Hanover are to a career within the manufacturing industry.

Kevin Gulden, a 21-year Air Force Veteran and Plant Manager at Utz Quality Foods, spoke about the program’s success and his new hire from the Veteran Job Vault applicant list.

“The Veteran’s Vault was a great success for Utz Quality Foods,Inc. for our first time using it,” said Gulden.

“We were able to find an awesome candidate for a hard to fill position. He brought great technical skills, initiative, and work ethic and has been a valuable addition to our team.”

Veteran Dennis Zekany Jr., Gulden’s recent hire, is grateful for the Veteran Job Vault and spoke highly of the opportunity it provided to him.

“I would like to say thank you to all those involved in starting the Veterans Job Vault. Youstarted a great service to help get vets plugged into local jobs. I would also like to say thank you to Utz and Kevin for partnering with the Vet Vault and giving me this great opportunity to work at a great company like Utz.”

If your business would like to become involved with the Veteran Job Vault and receive an updated list of qualified applicants on a monthly basis, contact us at or 717-637-6130 ext. 100.