Discover Hanover Sneak Peek: Hanover Orthodontists

It’s that time of year again!  Chamber staff is hard at work on the 2016 Discover Hanover magazine, set for publication in early May.  We are so excited about the interviews and articles that we’re working on, that we felt if only fair to share a sneak peek into what’s going on behind the scenes. 

Keeping Hanover Smiling: Hanover Orthodontists

This past week, Chamber intern Shannon Wissler sat down with Dr. David Ross of David Ross Orthodontics to discuss his practice as part of our piece on Hanover orthodontists. Dr. Ross was extremely energetic and excited to give an inside look of his practice and what he has to offer Hanover residents.

hanover orthodontists

Dr. Ross welcomes us to his practice.

The practice has been around for over 35 years, but recently became David Ross Orthodontics 3 years ago after Dr. Ross took over the practice from Dr. Hal Cohen.  Dr. Ross explained that at David Ross Orthodontics their motto is “aligning happiness”; not only is it important to staff that every patient has beautiful teeth and a beautiful smile, but it is a priority to them that patients enjoy their experience.

“It’s not about Invisalign or braces, it’s about how you feel when you walk in the office,” explained Dr. Ross. “It’s making sure that everyone feels special.”

Whether that means making sure his office is available for school-aged patients who need appointments before or after school hours, or making sure that there are plenty of appointments available for those who work, Dr. Ross has flexible office hours to accommodate all. He also schedules follow-up appointments up to 18 months after braces are taken off to ensure that all changes are being retained and everything goes as planned. Even after the 18 months are up, Dr. Ross notes that appointments can still be made on an as needed basis.

Dr. Ross also encourages Hanover residents to come in for a free smile exam which is available by appointment. He stresses that making an appointment does not mean that you are required to pay for a service; it is just to see if there are any areas that could be improved, and then developing a plan to fix those areas and start that process.  The free smile exam includes a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Ross, as well as digital photographs and digital X-rays taken of your teeth.

All ages are welcome at David Ross Orthodontics.  Dr. Ross sees patients as young as 7 and has patients well into their 80’s. People want a beautiful smile during all stages of their life and Dr. Ross is available to make that happen.

“We encourage starting to see kids around age 7, which is also what the National Association of Orthodontists recommends,” shared Dr. Ross  He went on to say that this age is when a lot of growth, development and tooth eruptions can arise; the sooner he can diagnose those issues the sooner they can be treated.

Dr. Ross is very passionate about making sure that every patient experience is a great one, and hopes to have a generational practice where his patients bring their children in. He would like David Ross Orthodontics to become a place where people are familiar and comfortable.

“I don’t plan on going anywhere – it’s a lifelong commitment for me,” Dr. Ross smiled. “The future is helping more people, providing service to people who need it and trying to be a community leader.”

After interviewing Dr. Ross we can assure you that he is going above and beyond to keep Hanover smiling!

Keep up with Dr. Ross on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  We look forward to speaking with other member orthodontists in the near future to complete this article; you can learn more about additional Hanover orthodontists here.

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