Laird Attending US Chamber Business Leads Fellowship Program (Part Two)

The Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce continues to enhance its focus on workforce development. As such, chamber president Gary Laird is attending the US Chamber’s Business Leads Fellowship Program.

The first session, focusing on early education, K-12, and career readiness, took place in September. As a result of this initial session, the chamber has decided to develop K-12 strategies in its 2019-2021 strategic plan.

In January, Laird will be attending the second and final session focusing on higher education, workforce development, and upskilling and reskilling. He plans to apply his findings to the chamber’s current apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship model.

The workshops are taught by expert faculty as well as staff from state and local chambers who have put policy into practice to bring change and opportunity to their communities.

For more information on the Business Leads Fellowship Program, including a full class roster, please click here.