Geocaching in Hanover: The Hanover Geo Trail

GeoCaching, the international treasure-hunting game, has come to Hanover!  Main Street Hanover has plotted its very own treasure map, known as the Hanover Geo Trail, so that residents and visitors alike can enjoy geocaching in Hanover.  The trail includes over 20 different cache locations throughout the downtown and greater Hanover area.

What is GeoCaching?

Modern adventurers can use their GPS devices to navigate the path to elusive ‘caches’, which are hidden containers holding a logbook for the hunters to sign.  GeoCaches are hidden in landmarks, public parks, and even parking lots and businesses.

The Hanover Geo Trail geocaching in hanover

All geocaches are officially registered with  Participants will need to register on the website to retrieve coordinates and other location information.  Registration on is free.

A GeoCache app can be downloaded on smart phones, enabling the cacher to navigate to caches, and find additional caches nearby.

To begin geocaching in Hanover, you will need an official passport booklet.  Passports are free and can be downloaded below, or by visiting the Hanover Chamber office.

2016 Hanover GeoTrail

2014 Hanover GeoTrail

geocaching in hanover passport cover

Each cache will contain a unique code to be used in your passport as proof of finding the cache.  Cachers who complete 18 of the 20 caches will receive a commemorative coin, made specifically for the geo trail.  There is no set deadline for completion, and participants may collect their coin until the supply runs out.

Coins for the 2016 Geo Trail are now available through the Chamber Office!

Current coin count available: 100+

Coins can be retrieved by returning the completed passport to the Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce office located at 146 Carlisle Street, Hanover, PA 17331.  If the office is closed, please drop off passport through the mail slot and a coin will be mailed to the address given on the passport.  Only one coin will be given to each cacher.

2014 Coins are no longer available.

Only one coin will be given to each group that completes the Geo Trail due to the limited amount of coins.

Where can I find the caches?

To find Hanover, PA Geo Trail caches: geocaching in hanover

1. Log on to (create a profile, if needed)

2. Click on the ‘Play’ drop down menu to locate the “Hide & Seek a Cache” link

3. Under “Seek a Cache…”, scroll down to “Other Search Options”

4. Under “Cache Name”, type “HGT”


Please visit the official GeoCaching website for more information.

Geo Trail